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Spring season has long been considered the most beautiful season of the year  with cool atmosphere blooming trees and flowers . This is also the season of family reunion, sharing joys family members. In recent years, besides visiting relatives and exchanging New Year’s wishes, the demand of traveling to relax with family on the days of Tet has been a trend chosen by many people.

This year, The Cliff Resort & Residences will organize a series of interesting activities for tourists to welcome the Lunar New Year such as:

Traditional Chung cake festival will be held on the 22nd of January. Chung cake, A specialty offered to Kings, making of glutinous rice, mung bean, pork, etc., is wrapped by phrynium leaves into square or round shape. It is an indispensable traditional food served during the Lunar New Year festival in Vietnam.

– On the 28th of January guests will be celebrating New Year with live music, drumming, many performances giving out lucky money, kite flying to pray for peace, happiness. ..

– Buffet on the 30th of January starting at 700.000++/ person.

– Room rate starting at 3.812.000 VND/ 2 pax (including buffet breakfast)

Chung cake 2016 (18)Traditional Chung cake festival

Chung cake 2016 (22)Traditional Chung cake festival

Chung Cake Festival 2015 35Traditional Chung cake festival

Trống hội đầu xuân 1Celebrating New Year with live drumming

Trống hội đầu xuânGiving out lucky money

Trống hội đầu xuân 2Giving out lucky money

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